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  • Jing Liu

Webinar on Education and Caring for the Well-being of Youth in East Asia

On Feb.18, we invited three scholars in the field of psychology and education to join our 3rd international webinar of the webinar series of 2022. There were 43 participants took part in the webinar.

Three speakers provided three presentations on current issues, concerns, and prospects regarding education and caring for the well-being of youth in East Asia. It explores the possibilities for promoting good mental health, protecting vulnerable youth, and caring for youth facing the greatest challenges. In the first presentation, Dr. Chen Chen, Professor of the School of Psychology at Nanjing Normal University, introduced her research on how to take Grit as an approach to building a supportive environment as the strength of migrant children in China. In the second presentation, Dr. Snag Min Lee, Professor of the Department of Education at Korea University, shared South Korea's experience of providing interventions for the well-being of youths through school counseling and other innovative approaches, such as VCP (Video Conferencing Psychotherapy) and MVC (MetaVerse Counseling). Dr. Shunta Maeda, in the 3rd presentation, gave a presentation to address current issues, concerns, and prospects about School non-attendance in Japan.

In the discussion, the speakers received questions from the audience. These questions were related to considering the cultural and social context in supporting the well-being of youth in East Asian societies. The webinar provided a good opportunity for us to reconsider more comprehensive, inclusive, and innovative initiatives to accommodate the needs of youth in East Asia for their resilience and well-being.




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