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  • Jing Liu

Visit and Interview at KAWAI Juku in Sendai

July 22, 2019

Today, as part of the program, we were pleased to get a precious opportunity to visit KAWAI Juku and had a talk about the Juku with the staff there.

Although it was the first time for students of this class to conduct a group interview, I was pleased to observe their serious attitude towards the visit and the active interaction with Juku's staff during the interview.

It was a precious opportunity for both students and myself to learn the history and the practices in education at KAWAI Juku. We learned the concept, value and differences between Juku and public schools, reforms and challenges for the future of the Juku through the interview.

I am sure this experience will enhance the students' understanding of Juku in Japan. Moreover, it will be a precious resource for students to compare Japan's Juku and the ones in China and other East Asian countries.

Once again, our appreciation goes to Mr. Imai and Ms. Nihei at KAWAI Juku for their cooperation and support!



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