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  • Jing Liu

Sino-Japan exchange hosted by Japan Foundation

Dec.14, 2020

It was my honor to join a Sino-Japan exchange on education hosted by Japan Foundation.

I was every honored to talk with Mr. Liu Xinyu, the Director of On the Road to School, and Mr. Huang Shengli, Acting Director of 21st Century of Education Research Institute. Mr. Liu and Mr. Huang have been showing their concern on rural education in China in the past decade. They conducted many fieldworks and projects which are related to rural education in China, left-behind children in rural China, and small scale rural schools in China.

The unexpected global pandemic caused school closure and educational disruption. Japan and China are not exceptional. Rather, there are many similarities and differences in policies and practices of various responses to the impacts of the virus on education, particularly on education for the socially disadvantaged groups in Japan and China. There is a big space for us to deepen our exchange to learn from other about alternative ways to construct an inclusive, equitable and quality for all!



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