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  • Jing Liu

Sharing Best Practices in Basic Education in China with friends in the Philippines

It was such an honor to receive an kind invitation by Dr. Aser Javier and the Department of Education of the Philippines to serve as a speak to share best practices in Basic Education in China through perspectives of collaboration and partnership on May 5, 2021. Facing to nation-wide educational practitioners in the Philippines, I shared my observation of China's basic education in terms of school-to-school collaboration and construction of accessible and affordable quality basic education in rural areas in China. Moreover, I also shared the ongoing practices of government purchase of private education services to accommodate emerging needs for after-school learning. In the end, I introduced how private sectors, such as education companies and foundations taking initiatives to supplement educational development in rural China. It was such a wonderful experiences which allowed me to have close conversation with educational officers from the ministry level to school level. I could felt the zeal of these practitioners who want to make change of their education! I really wish I could be any help for them through this talk and the forthcoming collaboration and friendship! Thank you so much for everyone! Malaming Salamat po!





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