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  • Jing Liu

Overseas Education Fieldwork 2020

I am pleased to announce the Overseas Education Fieldwork Report 2020 has been released. Due to impact of the Covid-19, we had to switch our fieldwork from on-site to online, which brought many challenges for this course in 2020. Thanks to stakeholders involved in this course, we were able to conduct interviews online to investigate the real situation of China's education. My sincere appreciation goes to our respondents who provided our students precious opportunities to collect information and understand the rapid change of China's education and its challenges. Congratulations to our students who paid their great efforts for this course and the report writing. Last but not least, my sincere gratitude goes to Ms. Qi Deng, teaching assistance of this course, and Mr. Trishit Banerjee, who kindly offered to support editing of the report. I wish our students could enhance their understanding on China's education. Also, I wish this course could leave special memory and experiences of how to conduct fieldwork in the new normal.





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