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  • Jing Liu

International webinar Partnership for education and beyond on Feb.19, 2022

We were pleased to host the 3rd international webinar titled Partnership for education and beyond: Collaboration and networks for quality education on Feb. 19, 2022. There were 80 participants from 14 countries and regions joined this event.

There were four presentations on different initiatives of constructing partnership for improving educational quality in UK, Japan, Thailand, and China. Dr. Paul Armstrong from The University of Manchester shared a case study of how collaboration can support the educational recovery strategy in Greater Manchester. Dr. Takeshi Shinohara from Hokkaido University told us initiatives by a whole community approach in Okushiri Island, Hokkaido, to promote collaboration and networks in educational governance in Japan. Dr. Phetcharee Rupavijetra from Chiang Mai University showed us diverse collaborative networks in Thailand aiming at improving quality education for all. Dr. Jing Liu from Tohoku University shared this study on interactions of stakeholders in building education groups as school collaboration for educational improvement in Chengdu, China. These cases indicate dynamics of building partnership among different levels of stakeholders to improve quality and equity of education for all.

Dr. Philip Wing Keung Chan from Monash University, led the discussion on the following three questions.

1. How local knowledge or wisdoms can be accommodated in globalization?

2. Build Back Better-is an integral part of planning for disaster resilience. What about COVID-19? Will it provide an opportunity for school-school collaboration in a network to produce a sustainable quality education and resilient recovery under a mutual benefit environment?

3. Will network governance building on trust between stakeholders within policy community?

Special thanks go to Dr. Taketoshi Goto from Tohoku University who kindly served as moderator for this webinar.

The outcomes of this webinar indicate the future and possibilities of constructing inclusive and equitable quality education and promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all through partnership and other forms of collaboration for 2030 and beyond.



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