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  • Jing Liu

International Webinar on the 75th UN DAY

On October 24, 2020, we were very pleased to host an international webinar on experiences and prospects of SDG4-Education 2030. Towards 2030, the Agenda 2030 has been implemented for five years. And there is another one decade for us to continuously make efforts for fulfilling the goals for a global sustainable development. In this special occasion, we were very excited to invite expert from UNESCO Bangkok Office and three scholars from universities of China, Japan, and Korea to share their practices and experiences of promoting SDG4 in their home countries. The presentations show a wide range of commonalities which we share in terms of challenges and issues for achieving inclusive, quality and equitable education for all in East Asia. Our discussion concluded by addressing the importance of universities to work more closely to jointly share and joint build quality education for all by 2030.





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