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  • Jing Liu

Asia Education Leader 2022 Summer Course Pre-Study Series: Session 1

On May 13, we were pleased to host the 1st session of Asia Education Leader 2022 Summer Course Pre-study Series. 27 participants joined this session. Also, it was our honor to invite Prof. Evelie Serrano, Associate Professor and Director of Institute for Governance and Rural Development, College of Public Affairs and Development, University of the Philippines Los Banos, as a guest speaker to join us with her doctoral course students. Faculty members of AEL participating universities, including Prof. Xuefeng Qiao (Nanjing Normal University), Dr. So Jung Park (Korea University), Prof. Trista Juhsin Fu (National Chengchi University), also kindly joined us and shared their understanding and insights of the UNESCO report entitled Reimagining Our Futures Together: A new social contract for education. Following the talks by our guest speakers, student participants joined group discussions on how to frame a new social contract for future education. Educational inequality, climate change, democratic backsliding, and digital connection and divides in different contexts of Asian countries were shared and discussed. The session provided a platform for students and scholars to share and exchange information on education and development issues in Asia.

Thank you very much for your participation! And look forward to your participation in the 2nd session on June 10.





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