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  • Jing Liu

Asia Education Leader 2022 Summer Course A-P Subject (Aug.16-19, 2022)

Between Aug.16 and 19, we were pleased to host the A-P (Attitude-Practice) subject of Education and Sustainable Development. In three and a half days, we discussed the relationship between education and sustainable development, exchanged information on Japanese education with Japanese high school students, visited Japan International Aid Agency (JICA) and agency staff to discuss the role of education in sustainable development, visited Higashi Matsushima City in Miyagi Prefecture to learn about the current status and issues of local educational development, and colleagues had the opportunity to interact with the head of a local fishery company promoting regional revitalization to gain a deeper understanding of post-quake reconstruction and sustainable development in Japan. For the first time, this course was held in an offline and online mode! We had more opportunities to communicate with students, teachers, citizens, and experts, and we hope it will be helpful for your learning and understanding! Thank you all for your support and active participation!



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