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  • Jing Liu

Overseas Fieldwork in Beijing

It was fantastic fieldwork in Beijing with a group of students between September 17 and 28, 2023.

The only thing to do when you come to a new place is to feel it by yourselves! The 1st day in Beijing! We experienced the metro, bicycle sharing, Beijing Roast Duck, the security system in Tian’anmen square and the beautiful

Sunset in Tian’anmen square! What a beautiful day!

Our 2nd day in Beijing! We visited Tsinghua University today! With collaboration with Prof. Zhong Zhou, Prof. Ke Yang Tang, and Prof. Xin Liu and their students, we could have a fruitful interviews with students in Tsinghua University to allow our students to enhance their understanding of eduction in China. Moreover, we could visit Tsinghua Arts Museum, and Academy of Arts and Design the understand the differences between arts and design! It was a fruitful and exciting day for all!

It was our great honor and pleasure to visit Beijing Normal University the Faculty of Education on September 21, 2023. We were the 1st student delegation to visit there after the pandemic. It was also our first student exchange activity since our partnership started!

Our 5th day in Beijing! We visited Graduate School of Education, Beijing Foreign Studies University. Scholars and students gave us a big welcome! We had exchange with students and discussed educational issues in Asia!

In China, people always say “He who does not reach the Great Wall is not a true man.” On our 6th day in Beijing, we reached there and wish we could be become true man with this special experience!

The Forbidden City is a must go spot for visitors to Beijing! We visited there and experienced the rich and interesting culture and initiatives there! Also, today we met with our alumni who graduated from Graduate School of Education, Tohoku University! Wish this is another unforgettable day for everyone!

We visited the 21st Century Education Research Institute and met with one of the most influential scholars in China’s education reform, Mr. Yang Dongping. I felt so excited to talk with him and received a report on School Choice In Beijing which we worked together 12 years ago! Our students learned many knowledge about China’s rural education and got chance to communicate with researchers at the institute! It is not easy to keep a NGO to survive and make progress in research and practice in China! Wish this institute can develop more and make more contribution to education in China and the world!

It is our honor and great pleasure to visit UNESCO Beijing Office today! Mr. Robert Parua kindly gave us an informative lecture about UNESCO and its global education Programme. Our students made three interesting presentations on Japan’s education! They received constructive comments and feedback from Mr. Parua! It is a precious opportunity for students to have such communication with UNESCO expert! Look forward to more collaboration!

In our last day in Beijing, we visit a local community farm to understand the connection between agriculture, human, and society! Both China and Japan now are experiencing depopulation and rural revitalization. There are many common issues which we can work together!

A safe landing with a successful ending of the fieldwork in Beijing! Wish all students felt different things/understanding of China and its people;) look forward to your final presentations! Our sincere gratitude's go to professors, students and friends in Beijing! Your collaboration is the key to the success of the fieldwork!





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