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  • Jing Liu

宮城県第一高等学校への訪問 Visit to Miyagi First Senior High School



On December 22, three graduate students from Tsinghua University, China, five students from Tohoku University's Graduate School of Education and School of Education, and two exchange students from Tohoku University visited Miyagi First Senior High School. During the visit, students observed the new school building and classes at the high school, watched a video made by the high school students, and deepened their understanding of the school's history and features. They also held an exchange meeting with 15 students from the high school. At the exchange meeting, after self-introductions, the participants were divided into groups and exchanged opinions on the theme of "education and schools and their future". After the exchange meeting, we received feedback from the students. A Tohoku University student commented, "The visit to Miyagi High School was very interesting and valuable. Especially for me, I would like to take these impressions back to the Netherlands and see what our high school can learn from Miyagi High School. Thank you so much!" A student from Tsinghua University also commented, "It was a very interesting exchange. I was very surprised to communicate with high school students for the first time in a while and to see how cute Japanese high school students are and their wonderful way of thinking." We also received many feedback from the high school students, such as "I was very nervous at first, but it was a great experience for me. The opportunity to talk with foreign students is precious. Thank you teachers! I want to participate in more events like this." and "I was surprised that I could express what I wanted to say. I was surprised that I could communicate what I wanted to say. I enjoyed it."





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