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  • Jing Liu

「グリーン・リテラシー」プロジェクト 〜グローカル共創・共習・共践〜

新しい研究プロジェクトが始まりました。A new research project is launched.


Glocal Co-Creation, Co-Learning, and Co-Practice for Green Literacy

The 3rd World Conference on Higher Education, hosted by UNESCO in May 2022, once again emphasizes that higher education institutions can facilitate the implementation of the SDGs by implementing innovative, interdisciplinary and collaborative teaching, learning and research approaches. This project focuses on the creation of learning through glocal, industry-academia-government-private partnerships to improve green literacy necessary for sustainable development and aims to build a lifelong learning ecosystem of co-creation, co-learning, and co-practice of green literacy, making Tohoku University a hub for learning and practicing green literacy, where "no one is left behind".



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